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Potential timber market of Suriname

14 January 2016

The country profile of Suriname is online now. Suriname is considered a potential market for European traders. The amount of FSC-certified hectares is growing, with the support of the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH). Certified companies are eager to create new business opportunities, which is the reason why a delegation of European timber traders visited Suriname in November 2015. The trade mission was organized by ETTF and ESS, and supported by the European STTC.

Although the current production volumes are modest, about 500,000 m3 per year, Suriname has the ambition to double it in the coming years. According to the publication on the trade mission, there is plenty of FSC-certified timber available, but the market has to adapt to make full use of this potential. Suriname has a sound basis for sustainable forest management, by the laws in place and a specialized body in charge of enforcement and control. New projects are started to support for example the market introduction of lesser known species.

A Dutch publication on the trade mission can be downloaded here. The industry and legality profile of Suriname can be consulted here. Every profile is checked by experts before publication. The profile of Suriname has been reviewed by Environmental Services and Support (ESS).

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