• Central African Republic

Key documents required for timber legality and trade of Central African Republic


  Key document Explanation Legal authority
  Provisional management agreement Provisional authorisation available for 3 years and on 3 provisional cutting areas, allowing the company to launch inventories to achieve in 3 years its land-use plan including the forest management plan of all the annual harvesting blocks. Ministry of Forests (MEFCP)
  Certificate of compliance  As of 2014 (Order of 21 Jan. 2014 issued by the Minister of the Environment), forestry companies must conduct an environmental impact audit (for companies already established for over 3 years) or an impact study (for those that have just launched). The approval of the audit/assessment reports leads to the issuance of a certificate of compliance, which must be renewed every 3 years. Ministry of the Environment
  Definitive logging agreement Signed after validation of the Management Plan, and which certifies the launch of logging operations under this plan.  
  Approval of the Annual Operating Plan Demonstrates that the annual operational plan for the harvest block of the corresponding year was submitted and approved by the authorities. This document has an approved management plan as a basis. Ministry of Forests (MEFCP)
  Annual Harvesting Licence The logging company must hold an annual harvesting licence authorising the harvesting activity. Ministry of Forests (MEFCP) - Department for Forestry Inventory and Land-use
  Log production report Log production report prepared by the company following the specified format of the authorities.  
  Waybill Timber movement declarations are prepared on official forms by the logging company and submitted to the authorities for verification and approval.  


processing and trade

  Key document Explanation Legal authority
  Certificate of fiscal clearance This document confirms that the organization has fulfilled its tax obligations of the last year. General Directorat of Taxes and Domains
  Sawn timber Specification Form Transport document for sawn timber prepared by the selling company.  
  Invoice Prepared by the selling company covering the specific batch.
  Certificate of origin Certificate of origin for the export of a specific timber batch. Ministry of Forests (MEFCP) - Department of Forests
  Export Verification Certificate Certificate of Checking Export. BIVAC RCA (change of company in progress)