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This web portal is an answer to the numerous questions timber traders have when it comes to legal timber trade, due diligence, country requirements and export.

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  • Gabon Gabon

    Gabon's timber trade

    According to an AfDB study conducted by FRMi in 2018, Gabon has about 22.3 million hectares of forest areas and from FAO study 23,5 million hectares (2020)...


  • Brazil Brazil

    Brazil's timber trade

    Forest resources and context of Brazil: Brazil represents the second largest forested area in the world...


  • China China

    China's timber trade

    According to FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015, China has around 208.3 million hectares of forest land, which constitutes to 22.1% of the total land area.


  • India India

    India's timber trade

    India is one of seventeen mega-biodiverse countries, hosting 7% of the world's biodiversity...


Worldwide Timber trade

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Legal Tropical timber resources

  • Certification

    Certification is a tool for due diligence. The 2013 European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) requires “operators” (introducers of timber or derived products on the European Union market) to apply “due diligence” for all imported timber products.

  • Regulations

    In this section you can find information on some of the main regulations for timber trade, which include the EU Timber Regulation, the US Lacey Act, Australia’s Illegal Logging Prohibition Act, and the Japanese Clean Wood Act.

  • Other resources

    Here you will find additional resources on timber trade and timber legality.

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The Timber Trade Portal is a cooperation between ATIBT, Form International and its sponsoring partners.

Together we work to improve the legality of timber trade worldwide and to facilitate access to reliable information.

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