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Forest resources and context of Cambodia

According to FAO, Cambodia had around 8 million hectares of forest resources in 2020, equal to 44.7% of the country’s total land area.

Land surface


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Forest cover


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Production forest


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Forest ownership


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Forest resources in Cambodia

Types of forest

Cambodia is located in the tropics and has several main forest types including 15.76% evergreen forest, 5.9%, semi-evergreen forest, 18.37% deciduous forest, 2.6% flooded forest, 0.97% regrowth forest, 0.67% bamboo, 0.17% mangrove, 0.14% rear mangrove, 0.05% pine forest, 0.02% pine plantation, 0.22% tree plantation, 0.29% oil palm plantation and rubber plantation 2.96% (MoE, 2020).

The country had a net annual change rate of -2.68% from 2010 to 2020. Among its forest resources, naturally regenerating forest covers about 7.4 million hectares and planted forest has around 0.6 million hectares.

The Forestry Administration Cantonment under each Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries is responsible for overall management of forests and has the right to permit harvest quota of forest products and by-products (timber products and non-timber forest products) for local communities. The Forestry Administration Division (mainly 1 division in 1 district) under each Forestry Administration Cantonment is mandated in issuing permits for transporting timber and non-timber forest products (RGC, 2002).

Forest ownership in Cambodia

Generally, all forest area is owned by state, in particular natural forest. The government can also allocate some part of forest area to local communities in the form of community forestry for management and customary uses of forest resources or grant for private companies. However, some forest area, so called private forest including forest or tree plantation, is privately owned by private company, individuals and local households.

key figures

Land surface 17.7 million hectares
Forest cover 8.1 million hectares (45.7%); mostly other naturally regenerated forest
7.4 % (0.6 million ha) is planted forest
4 % (0.3 million ha) is primary forest 
Production forest 3.1 million hectares designated for production
Forest ownership 100 % publicly owned
Annual change rate -2.68 % per year; over the past 10 years (2010-2020)


Source: FAO, 2020
See also: Global Forest Ressources Assessment 2020, FAO

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