Timber Trade Portal updated and now also available in French!


For the second time after its launch in 2016 the Timber Trade Portal has updated its country profiles and other background information. Each profile provides extensive country specific information on both timber industry and related timber legislation. The complete Timber Trade Portal is now also available in French for our francophone readers.

Timber Trade Portal updated and now also available in French!

Country profiles provide useful information to national and international timber traders and other actors operating in the timber value chain implementing a Due Diligence on timber origin and legality. Having reliable country specific information and understanding of timber trading procedures is indispensable for a proper Due Diligence.  

The Timber Trade Portal contains country profiles from three parts of the world: Africa (8 profiles), Americas (6 profiles), and Eastern Europe and Asia (9 profiles). All country profiles have been accurately reviewed with inputs form local and country specific experts.

The review process was based on an analysis of recent and significant developments in terms of the countries’ progress on establishing national systems for timber traceability and timber legality assurance systems or other related legislative measures. Some of these countries (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ghana, Guyana, Honduras, Indonesia, Republic of Congo and Vietnam) do this in the framework of an existing FLEGT-VPA with the European Union.

Any questions, remarks and suggestions on the country profiles are welcome and can be submitted using the contact form.