CertiSource provides ‘Verified Legal Timber’ certification in Indonesia. The CertiSource Standard goes beyond basic legal requirements and puts forest concessions and sawmills on the road to sustainable forest management. Timber must be traceable through supply chains where every entity (forests, sawmills and traders) adheres to strict legal, social and environmental criteria.

CertiSource certifies supply chain entities such as forest concessions and manufacturing sawmills, but also each batch of timber traded. Audits of timber legality are carried out by an independent, accredited Certification Body (CB) against CLAS - the ‘CertiSource Legality Assessment System’ which consists of the Certisource Legality Standard and other related policies.

CertiSource will end provision of the CertiSource Legality Assurance System (CLAS) on 31st December 2020. The decision to cease operation of CLAS was taken against a background of gradually falling volumes of CertiSource timber exported from Indonesia. This is partly due to the growth, since 2016, of the Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System (SVLK) which is required for issuing FLEGT licences to verified legal timber products exported to the EU. This decision is also partly due to the increasing availability and demand for sustainably managed forest sources.

  • CertiSource Legality Standard (Version 4.04, 2017) specific to Indonesia can be found here

  • CertiSource website announcement on ceasing operation of CLAS can be found here