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ETTF and ATIBT start collaboration on Timber Trade Portal

21 July 2017

The ETTF (European Timber Trade Federation) and the ATIBT (Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux) have concluded an agreement to merge together their respective websites providing information in the context of the application of the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation). Both ETTF and ATIBT believe that the timber market needs a central platform, allowing people to consult precise and reliable information on the legal trade of timber in producer countries. This unique platform, accessible on the Timber Trade Portal, will integrate the available information from ATIBT, especially on the African countries.

The Timber Trade Portal was launched in January 2016 by ETTF, with financial support from ITTO and STTC. In the coming months, the site will be adapted and expanded, translated into French, and existing country profiles will be updated. Maintenance and updating of the website is secured until 2019 thanks to ATIBT’s FLEGT-REDD+ projects, which are funded by the European Union and FFEM (Fonds Français pour l’Environnement Mondial).

How can you help?

Form international, a Dutch consultancy firm specialized in forest management and certification, is the technical partner implementing the project. All users of the site are invited to submit remarks, suggestions, experiences, information sources or (key) documents. This can be done by using the review buttons on the website for every country profile, or via the contact form on the website.

Other news

23 June 2020
Peru works toward system that enables legal timber verification
The National Forest and wildlife Service of Peru (SERFOR) announces the completion of the updating of the Monitoring and Control module of its National Forest and Wildlife Information System (MC-SNIFFS). Finally this module will be able to prove legal origin of Peruvian timber in both domestic as well as international markets.
18 June 2020
Improved timber production control in Suriname
The Sustainable Forestry Information System Suriname is part of the National Forest Monitoring System and will replace the present log tracking system (LogPro), aiming to improve both the efficiency and transparency of monitoring timber harvesting and trade. SFISS finally aims to ensure the legality of timber harvesting and trade.
09 June 2020
Indonesia revoked problematic timber export regulation
In February, the Indonesian Ministry of Trade issued new requirements for Export of Forestry Industry Product. This was seen by many as an effort to weaken the Indonesian Timber Legality Verification System. After strong reactions by civil society and environmentalists, the same Ministry revoked the regulation.