Gateway to international timbertrade

TLV by Control Union

The Timber Legality Verification (TLV) has been developed by Control Union. Based on the TLV standard, this certification is applicable to all organisations aiming to reduce or mitigate risks of illegal harvesting and trading of these products. It is closely following the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation and the US Lacey Act.

The scope of this certification is threefold:

  • It provides independent third-party verification of the Organisation’s Due Diligence System (DDS) throughout the entire supply chain(s), from the Forest Management Unit(s) where the timber was harvested until the moment that the timber or timber products are placed on the market.
  • It provides independent third-party verification of Forest Management Enterprises with respect to the legality of forest product sources.
  • The standard provides independent third-party verification for processing, manufacturing or trading entities/companies of timber and timber products within the supply chain from TLV forest sources until it is placed on the EU market

Control Union Certification is a certification body accredited for other forest certification schemes and formally recognised by the European Commission as a Monitoring Organisation (MO).