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Webinar: the role of certification within the EUTR

25 March 2021

This webinar is additional to the February/March workshops on the EUTR in general. The aim of this extra session is to detail the use of forest certification as an effective tool within a due diligence system, in order to lower illegality risks.

Whether you are an operator, another entity along timber supply chains or an enforcement officer (competent authority), you might wonder how forest certification and the EUTR requirements articulate.

How is forest certification working? What happens during an audit? How to ensure that a forest product is certified? What does the EU Timber Regulation really say about certification? These are some of the questions that will be answered during the webinar. ATIBT will specifically share its extended experience on forest certification in West & Central Africa.

This webinar is offered in several languages:

  • English: 7 April, 10am-1pm CET
  • Spanish: 7 April, 2pm – 5pm CET
  • French: 8 April, 9am – 12am CET
  • Italian: 9 April, 9am – 12 am CET (to be confirmed)
  • Dutch: 20 April 2pm – 5pm CET

Please register either on the ATIBT website here, or on the Preferred by Nature website here.

This series of webinars are offered as part of the ATBIT FLEGT-REDD project and Preferred by Nature LIFE Legal Wood project.

About ATIBT FLEGT-REDD project
Since 2013, ATIBT has implemented a wide FLEGT-REDD project to improve private sector involvement in the implementation of the FLEGT Action Plan (VPA process and REDD+ mechanism). This project is entitled "Integration of the Central and West African tropical timber sector into the FLEGT and REDD+ mechanisms". It is partly funded by FFEM (French Facility for Global Environment) and has the overall objective of getting the private forestry sector to actively contribute to the sustainable management of tropical forests and to the socio-economic development of timber-producing countries.

About Preferred by Nature LIFE Legal Wood project
LIFE Legal Wood is an international project committed to providing professionals with all the information they need to understand the European Timber Regulation (EUTR) through free risk assessments, stakeholder networks and seminars, and online due diligence tools. The project is led by Preferred by Nature, an NGO, and is supported by Amfori, Baskegur, Cesefor, Conlegno, Etifor, Foresna, GD Holz, Le Commerce du Bois, Probos, and the Competent Authorities of Belgium, Germany and Spain.

See original news item on the ATIBT Website.  

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ClientEarth is an environmental organisation that uses the power of the law to protect the planet’s resources and people. The organisation is actively involved in forest protection and seeks to develop stronger laws and policies to halt deforestation caused by illegal timber trade, protect wildlife and to secure the rights of forest communities. ClientEarth does so by working with partnerships across borders, systems and sectors in over 50 countries.
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The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), Form International and the International Tropical Timber Technical Association (ATIBT) signed a new agreement for the expansion and improvement of the Timber Trade Portal (TTP) on the 8th of March, 2021.