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Key documents required for timber legality and trade of Myanmar

As part of Myanmar’s preparation and commitment towards the VPA FLEGT, MONREC developed the Myanmar Timber Chain of Custody Process Documents and Actors in 2017. The “CoC Dossier”, as it is more commonly known, was ensorsed by the FLEGT Interim Task Force, and lists the key processes and associated documents in producing legal timber from state managed natural forests. It aims to assist operators who trade Myanmar timber products that timber has been legally sourced and products legally produced and exported. The full Dossier with examples of key documents is publicly available on the Myanmar Forest Department website.


  Key document Explanation Legal authority
  Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) Allocation The AAC represents the maximum number of trees and volume that can be harvested in a logging season on the basis of the 10-years District Forest Management Plan, growing stock inventories and a 30 year felling cycle. Forest Department, Planning and Statistics Division
  MTE Annual Harvesting Plan (AHP) The AHP describes the harvesting amount. MTE Extraction Department (approved by cabinet and Myanmar President)
  Permit to Enter Forest and Conduct Harvesting Operations The permit contains a range of information that includes the forest details, the number of trees to be cut, the extraction agency with the right to harvest, the number of elephants allowed to enter. AD
  Exploration Report The exploration report covers at least 75% of standing trees, and indicates the location of harvest, the status of trees (some trees may be rejected for harvest), direction of felling, and safety provisions. MTE Range in Charge
  Felling Order An order to start felling. All operations must comply with Felling Order, Standing Orders for extraction and MTE Extraction Manual. MTE Range in Charge
  Form 1, Form 2, Form 3 (Forest Department Inspection during and After Felling) These forms report inspections to check stumps and logs, hammer markings, the number of trees felled and to assess environmental damage. Township SO, Forest Department
  Completion Report (AJ Form) A report on completed harvesting operations. MTE Range in Charge

Processing & Trade

  Key document Explanation Legal authority
  Trucking Note Legally required transport document which accompany transport of wood from the forest measuring point to the Agency Depot. MTE Extraction Agency Depot-in-Charge
  Depot Entry Register Log List Registers of MTE depots where the volumes, species and qualities given in sales and transport documents must match the paid fees. MTE Extraction Agency Depot-in-Charge
  Transportation Notes There are a number of documents to cover transportation from an MTE Agency Depot to another location (such as an Extraction Agency Depot or export Depot). They also cover different types of transport such as truck, train or barge. MTE Extraction Agency Depot-in-Charge
  Log Receipts (at Yangon Depot) When logs arrive at MTE Export Department Depot, a daily Log Register Book and Teak Log Receipts are compiled and checked against transport documents. MTE Export Department Log Division
  MTE Grading Register (Form T4) After receipt of logs at Yangon Depot they are re-measured and graded prior to sale. MTE Export Department Log Division (AGM)
  Specifications (lots) Specifications for each parcel of logs for auction. MTE Export Department Log Division
  Sales Documents Following open tender sales (in Yangon) sales contracts are signed by buyers. MTE Export Department, Marketing Division
  Removal pass Once a lot is sold the buyer, according to Section 23 of the Forest Law 1992, must obtain a removal pass for further transportation. Forest Department
  Ground Check Document (Company’s Acceptance Certificate) This is the buyers acceptance of a purchased consignment. It is a prerequisite of the Cutting Permit. Forest Department
  Cutting Permit Permission for buyer to start processing bought logs. At this stage also the conversion ratio (out-turn) is established. Forest Department
  Out-Turn Permit In instances where the calculated out-turn will exceed the quota established an “Out-Turn Permit” must be authorized. Forest Department
  Certificate of Legality of timber Products Issued after inspection of finished bundles for export. At this stage packing lists are also completed. Forest Department District Office – Team for certifying Forest Products for Export (TCFPE)
  Export License Export license covering a specific load. Ministry of Commerce
  Export declaration Declaration of export. Custom Department, Ministry of Planning and Finance
  Inspection Report After issuance of an export license the TCFPE monitors products being loaded into containers and sealed by TCFPE. Forest Department - TCFPE
  Customs Report Container inspection at port. If no irregularities are found the containers are shipped. Forest Department and Customs Office