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Key documents required for timber legality and trade of Brazil

The below listed key documents are based on the applicable legislation and are considered to play a key role in demonstrating legal origin. The full list of applicable legislation is accessible here (NEPCon). BVRio’s ‘Practical guide to conducting due diligence of tropical timber products: Brazil’ contains examples of the key documents and is accessible here.


  Key document Explanation Legal authority
  LAR - licenciamento de atividades rurais (Rural activity License) This is a license that all rural properties need to realize any forest activities. It is a step before the forest exploration may take place. Municipality
  Cadastro Técnico Federal de Atividades Potencialmente Poluidoras ou Utilizadoras de Recursos Ambientais (CTF/APP), or Cadastro Técnico Federal de Atividades e Instrumentos de Defesa Ambiental (CTF/AIDA). Compulsory registration at the CTF for persons or companies using natural resources. For every (harvesting) activity, a CERTIFICADO DE REGULARIDADE – CR has to be requested. The CR is valid for three months. IBAMA
  AUTEX (autorizacao de Exploracao Florestal): timber harvesting authorisation May have a different name if issued at state level (e.g. AUTEF in the state of Pará). AUTEX has limited validity (about one year); Harvesting permits, (as well as authorisation of purchase and transport) may not be required for plantation timber from exotic (non-native) species. IBAMA in case of harvesting on federal land SEMA (State Secretariat of Environment) in case of harvesting on state land, and ICMBio in case of harvesting on communal and Indigenous Peoples’ lands
  Nota Fiscal de Compra / Venda do Producto – Sales Invoice This is the Log Bill of Sales / Invoice. It is issued by the company but must be linked to the Secretaria Estadual da Fazenda (SEFA) system. Company + registration SEFA

Processing & Trade

  Key document Explanation Legal authority
  Licença de Operação (LO) - operating licence Processing companies must be on IBAMA’s technical register (Cadastro Técnico Federal). IBAMA and State Environmental Body
  Alvará – Municipal operating license for industry Municipality Authorisation for business activity. Municipality Body (Town hall)
  Certidão Negativa da Receita Federal Clearance Certificate for general fees and taxes of company activities. Can only be requested by the (processing) company itself and has a limited period of validity. Tax authorities: RECEITA FEDERAL
  DOF: Documento de origem florestal Declaration of Origin This is the Log Bill of Sales / Invoice. It is issued by the company but must be linked to the Secretaria Estadual da Fazenda (SEFA) system. IBAMA in case of harvesting on federal land
  Guia Florestal (GF1, GF2, GF3) or Guia de Control Ambiental (GCA) The document issued to accompany wood products: GF1 is for logs, GF2 is for non-timber forest products and GF3 for sawn timber or final timber products. Only for the states of Pará and Mato Grosso, issued by the SEMA (State Secretariat of Environment).
  Registro de Importacão (SISCOMEX)   Import Registration Code Importers must be registered at SISCOMEX. Local Customs Service
  Registro de Exportacão (SISCOMEX)     Export registration To be provided by Exporters. Local customs Service
  Declaracão de Despacho de Exportacão Shipping declaration, which must include SISCOMEX NUMBER. Local customs Service
  Customs Declaration Document for declaring the consignment to be exported/imported to comply with tax and security requirements. Customs (in country of origin)
  Sales Contract Contract usually established between a company and exporting operator. Company / exporting operator
  Packing list Document that details the specifications of the items in the consignment. Company / exporting operator
  Invoice Sales invoice for the consignment of timber/timber products. Company / exporting operator
  Bill of Lading Document issued by a carrier to acknowledge receipt of cargo for shipment. Company / exporting operator