• Suriname

Key documents required for timber legality and trade of Suriname

The below listed key documents are based on the applicable legislation and are considered to play a key role in demonstrating legal origin. An overview of applicable legislation and its scope is accessible here (Forest Legality Alliance).


  Key document Explanation Legal authority
  Exploration Licence Gives the licence holder the unique right to explore a given area, based on a 1% inventory of harvestable species. Meant to do a pre-scoping of the area before the company applies for a concession. SBB
  Harvesting licences (different types): • Concessions • Community Forests and Communal Wood Cutting Permits • Incidental Cutting Licences (ICL) • Concession rights, according to size and duration for short, medium and long term. • Harvesting licences for forest communities’ own use. • ICL’s are restricted to salvage logging areas and conversion forests. SBB
  Annual cutting plan (jaar kapplan) Annual cutting plan or harvest plan, based on Forest management plan (including inventories of harvestable trees, and detailed layout of skidding roads, taking into account the maximum allowable cut, selection of trees to be felled, and maps). The concessionaire sends this plan to SBB for approval. An approved cutting plan forms the basis of production control by SBB. Made by company, approved by SBB
  Cutting Register (Kapregister) A cutting register is a format that shall be filled out by the concessionaire or timber exploiting company, for each tree or log. SBB
  Retribution receipt Proof of payment of retribution tax, to be paid on extracted timber. SBB – tax directorate
  Way bill (Vervoerbiljet) The way bill is a document for the timber harvesting company to declare the extraction of timber from the concession. Its purpose is to register the origin of products. The timber extracting company (transporter) has to report to each SBB sign post they pass. SBB officials check whether the transported logs correspond with the way bill. Signed by concessionaire and transporter. To be approved by SBB

Processing & Trade

  Key document Explanation Legal authority
  Registration Ministerie van Handel en Industrie Document that demonstrates registration at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism. Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism
  Registration KKF Document that demonstrates registration at the Chamber of Commerce. KKF
  Examination report (Keuring) Exporting company has to apply for a check and examination of the timber to be exported. During the examination the minimum FOB-value (Free On Board), the quality, species, volume and dimension is registered. Examination fees apply. SBB – dept. of production Control
  Exportvergunning (Export license) Export license per shipment for the export of roundwood, unprocessed and raw processed wood, implying tax payment for export (20% - 5% depending on the degree of processing). Customs