• Colombia

Key documents required for timber legality and trade of Colombia


  Key document Explanation Validity Legal authority
  Forest Management Plan
(Plan de Manejo Forestal)
Strategic long term planning for the whole Forest Management Unit (FMU), which is renewed every 8 years. 8 years
  Annual Operational Plan
(Plan Operativo Anual)
Plan detailing the forecasted operations and the expected production in the harvesting unit. 1 year CAR
  Forest Harvesting Permit
(Permiso para el aprovechamiento forestal de bosques naturales únicos, persistentes y domésticos)
Permit granted for the extraction of timber products in natural forest. Not specified
  Forestry Incentive Certificate
(Certificado de Incentivo Forestal)
Document which is subsidising private owners and communities in order to realize plantations on their lands. The objective is to support commercial forest development. Not specified MADR
  Plantation Registration
(Registro de plantación)
Document allowing the registration of any commercial plantation. Not specified MADR
  Guidelines and guidance for forest management in Colombia
(Lineamientos y guía para la Ordenación Forestal en Colombia)
Tool to guide forest management processes in the country towards the sustainable management of the forest and its associated ecosystem services. The guide contains all the steps and information needed to produce a Forest Management Plan. * MADS


Processing and Trade

  Key document Explanation Validity Legal authority
  Transport permit
Document authorising the transport of forest products in Colombia. Not specified CAR
  Timber Registration Record
(Libro de Operaciones)
Operation book containing all the information on the activities carried out by an operator in the forest sector. The compagnies concerned are all the forest enterprises involved in planting, managing, harvesting, processing or marketing of primary or secondary forest or wild flora products. Not specified CAR
  Certificate of Origin
(Certificado de Origen)
Document that allows the timber to be identified as national. In case of exportation, this allows companies to apply to certain trade policy measures in the country of destination. Not specified DIAN
  Phytosanitary Export Certificate
(Certificado Fitosanitario de Exportación)
Document which ensures that products meet the phytosanitary import requirements of the importing countries and are in conformity with the declaration of certification. Not specified ICA
  Exportation Document
(Documento de Exportación)
Document presented to customs prior to the export of the goods. Not specified DIAN