• Peru

Key documents required for timber legality and trade of Peru


  • ADEX: Association of Exporters
  • ARFFS: Regional Forest and Wildlife Authority in Peru
  • CCL: Lima Chamber of Commerce
  • OSINFOR: Supervisory Body for Forest and Wildlife Resources
  • SENASA: National Agricultural Safety Service
  • SERFOR: National Forest and Wildlife Authority in Peru
  • SNI: National Association of Timber Processing Plants
  • SUNAT: Peruvian Tax and Customs Administration

It shall be noted that with the exception of the Management Statement all harvesting planning documents have to be written and signed by an officially licensed and registered forest expert called “forest regent” (“regente forestal”). Usually this person is also responsible for foreset operations.


  Key document Explanation Legal authority
  Forest concession contract
(Contrato de concesión forestal)
Contract for a timber concession of 5.000 to 40.000 ha and for up to 40 years in the permanent production forests area. ARFFS
  Harvesting permit or authorization
(Permiso o Autorización)
Permit or authorization for harvesting timber with specifications on the timber source (indigenous community lands, local community forests, or private landholdings). ARFFS
  General Forest Management Plan
(Plan General de Manejo Forestal: PGMF)
Strategic long term planning for the whole forest management unit (FMU) based on information of a five year forest inventory. ARFFS
  Operational Plan
(Plan Operativo: PO)
Operational plan detailing the harvest (max. three years) of the harvesting unit, based on the forest census information. ARFFS
  Administrative Resolution
(Resolución Administrativa de oprobación)
This document demonstrates approval of the operational forest harvesting plan (PO) indicating allowable cut. ARFFS
  Intermediate Forest Management Plan
(Plan de Manejo Forestal Intermediario: PMFI)
Strategic and operational planning in a single management document for a medium size area and valid until the duration of the concession title. ARFFS
  Management statement
(Declaración de Manejo: DEMA)
Simplified forest management plan for a small area and valid up to 3 years. Not valid for timber export. ARFFS
  Statement on proper harvesting practices
(Declaración SIGO)
Pre- or post-harvesting forest inspection by government supervisory body. The example document contains both a SIGO-Green example and a SIGO-Red example. For the SIGO-Green document there were no observations from the inspection and this timber can be procured without major risk of illegality. 
Forest inspections with major observations appear in the SIGO-Red section, which implies risks of illegality.
  Operations Book of Forest Concession Holders for Timber Harvesting
(Libro de Operaciones de los Titulos Habilitantes para Aprovechamiento Forestal Maderable)
Obligatory since march 2, 2020, with predetermined formats for 6 harvesting steps and registered though on line application, serving timber traceability and verification of legal origin of timber. Concession title holder on online format by ARFFS

Transport, Processing & Trade

  Key document Explanation Legal authority
  Operations Book of Primary Processing of Timber Products and Sub Products
(Libro de Operaciones de Transformación Primaria de Productos  y Subproductos Forestales Maderables)
The document is obligatory since august 1, 2020, on a predetermined format and registered through on line application serving timber traceability and verification of legal origin of timber. Timber processing industry on online format by ARFFS
  Forest Transport Permit (Guía de Transporte Forestal: GTF) Official document for transporting forest products from the forest, detailing among others the species, volume, and origin of the products. Used by the titleholder and checked by authorities at check points. The example document is an empty form. Concession title holder on format authorized by ARFFS
  Log list (Lista de trozas) Sheet with details about the logs (including codes and dimensions) and accompanying the Forest Transport Permit (GTF). The example document is an empty form. Concession title holder on format authorized by ARFFS
  Balance of extraction (Balance de Extracción) Official cumulative record of timber volumes and species taken from a concession and harvesting unit. Emitted at the request of the title holder. The system of Balance of Extraction refers to the old forest law (no. 27308). Under the new law (No. 29763) which became valid in 2015, the concept of balance is modified to harvest report on tree level. So far this system is not implemented yet. ARFFS
  Sender Waybill (Guía de Remisión Remitente: GRR) Official transport document for the transport of goods issued by the sender. Owner of the timber on format authorized by SUNAT
  Carrier Waybill (Guía de Remisión Transportista: GRT) Official document for the transport of goods issued by the carrier. Carrier of the timber on format authorized by SUNAT
  Timber Processing permit (Autorización para un establecimiento de transformación) Authorization for operating a timber processing facility. ARFFS
  Operations book (Libro de operaciones) Register of inputs and outputs of a processing facility.  
  Timber Autorización, or permit for timber storage and commercial business
(Autorización un depósito y establecimiento comercial)
Authorization for operating a timber storage and commercialization facility. ARFFS
  Taxpayer registry number
(Ficha RUC)
A natural or legal person exporting timber must have a taxpayer registry number issued by SUNAT. SUNAT
  Bill of Lading
(Guia de carga)
Certificate containing all details of the export. Shipping Company
  Booking confirmation
(Declaraciín única de Adoana: DUA)
Details container size, port of destination and party covering the freight (exporter or importer). Shipping company
  Packing List
(Lista de empaques)
Document detailing the content of the shipment. Exporter
  Commercial Invoice
(Factura comercial)
Sales document in English. Exporter
  Certificate of Origin
(Certificado de origen)
Document confirming the country of origin (not the legality of the timber). CCL, ADEX, SNI
  Phytosanitary Certificate
(Certificado fitosanitario)
Document issued after visual inspection. Requirements depending on product and destination country. SENASA
  Insurance Certificate
(Certificado de seguridad)
Document confirming the insurance of the good (INCOTERM). Seller or Buyer
  Customs Merchandise Declaration
(Declaración aduanera de mercancías: DAM)
Document indicating which customs tariff should apply to the goods. SUNAT
  CITES permit
(Permiso de exportación)
Permit for export of CITES-listed species (Mahogany, Ceder, etc.). SERFOR