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Key documents required for timber legality and trade of Russia



The below-listed key documents are based on the applicable legislation and are considered to play a key role in demonstrating legal origin. A full list of applicable legislation is also accessible from NEPCon’s Russia Timber Risk Profile.


  Key document Explanation Legal authority
  Lease agreement (Concession license) Rights for the commercial harvesting of forests resources (e.g. timber) within a particular forest area (Forest management unit - FMU) allocated to a company for a period of 10 to 49 years. Regional Forestry Agency (RFA)
  Project of Forest Use Official mandatory forest management plan for the leased FMU for a period not exceeding 10 years. Submitted by the Forest User and endorsed by the RFA after passing a procedure of “state expertise”
  Forest declaration Annual declaration confirming that harvesting is carried out according to the Project of Forest Use and the Lease agreement. Submitted by the Forest User and approved by the RFA
  Forest stand purchase agreement License for (short term) roundwood harvesting, valid for a period of maximum one year. Regional Forestry Agency (RFA)
  Technical map Internal, but mandatory document to have, describing the harvesting operation (e.g. volume and types of trees, harvesting method (clear or selective cutting), protection measures for key biotopes and/or rare spp. (if any) on the particular harvesting site (lesoseka). Submitted by the Forest User (no official approval is required)
  Inspection report The post-felling inspection (only if the FMU was sampled for inspection) aims to check whether felling complied with the conditions and timeframes specified in forest rent agreement(s). Regional Forest Management Division (RFMD)
  Accompanying document for transportation of wood Accompanying document, to transport timber from the forest to the landing or sawmill. Submitted by the holder of round timber (Forest User or trader) (no official approval is required)
  Forest use report Report including volumes of commercial timber specified in felling agreements and actual volumes of harvested timber for each felling site. Submitted by the Forest User to, and approved by the Regional Forest Management Division (RFMD)

Processing & Trade

  Key document Explanation Legal authority
  Customs declaration A mandatory form that includes data about products (e.g. custom identification code, volume, cost), seller (exporter) and customer (importer) (e.g. name, address), point of shipment and destination (delivery), etc. Submitted by the exporter to, and approved by Customs authorities
  Invoice (export) or schet-phaktura (local market), and delivery note or specification Mandatory document, pursuant to State regulation of trading activities, No.381-FZ, adopted 29.12.2009. Submitted by the seller to the buyer